Scallop Sashimi, kimchi, peach, fried scallion  11

Tuna Tartare, smoked jalapeño, radish, fried avocado  13


Cup O' Chowda, bacon, shiitake, leek, surf clam, thyme, potato 7

Tonnato, eggplant fries 10.50

Hawaiian BBQ Octopus, fried rice, smoky shrimp aioli, house made kimchi, cilantro 15

Octopus Mortadella, candied lemon vinaigrette, smoked salt, parsley, sorrel 16 

Fritto Misto, fried calamari, cod, artichoke hearts, Piquillo peppers, Castelvetrano olives, parsley, pickle aioli 15 

Fried Oysters, kosho wing sauce, Korean pepper, celery, basil aioli  11.50 



Oysters*, see today's list for our current selection MP

Wild Caught Mexican Shrimp, quarter pound 14 half pound 24

Alaskan King Crab Legs, half pound 29 full pound 58

Spicy King Crab Knuckles, half pound 29 full pound 58

Maine Lobster, steamed or chilled, half MP whole MP

Caviar*, blinis, whipped lemon crème fraiche, chive, shallot

Black River Royale - Russian Oscietra 40 (10 gram)

Back river Imperial - Russian Oscietra 50 (10 gram)

Seafood Tower of Power* Chef's choice 85 / 110 / 220


Crispy Whole Haddock, lemongrass, lime, fresno chili, ponzu butter, micro cilantro MP

Steamed Salmon,  forbidden rice, Korean pepper carrots, pickled carrots, crispy black rice, micro shiso, orange tarragon vinaigrette 26

Thai Curry Mussels, red Thai curry broth, grilled ciabatta, micro cilantro 21

Double Cheeseburger,  ground beef, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, bottarga fries  16

Rock Fish, eggplant, zucchini, sage, grape tomato, fennel, eggplant puree, leek ash 20

Surf in Turf*, N.Y. Strip wrapped ahi tuna, salt roasted potatoes, cremini mushrooms, oyster rockafella puree 32

Paella Moderna*, New Zealand King salmon, mussels, shrimp, squid, house-made sausage, rice “soccorat”, smoked tomato broth, parsley 27


S&G House, butter lettuce, walnut-orange vinaigrette, wakame, shiitake 8

Broccoli Salad, avocado, apple, sunflower seeds, yuzu-sesame dressing 6

Green Goddess, bibb, zucchini, tomato, cucumber, tarragon, breadcrumb 9

Watermelon salad, Valbreso feta, almonds, shallots, mint, kimchi salt 8 add 1oz spicy tuna tartare 14

Herb Buttered Roll 1.25 ea

Cast Iron Cornbread 1 for 1, 5 for 4


Creme Brulee,  vanilla bean, cream, torched sugar 6

Coconut Lime Sorbet Popsicle, chocolate magic shell, coco lime streusel  3.50

Chai Spiced Doughnuts, filled with vanilla pastry cream, cardamom anglaise 8

Seasonal pie in a jar  6