bare hands

STUFFED DATES, goat cheese stuffed dates, jamón serrano 8.00

CRISPY EGGPLANT, rosemary, honey, sesame 6.00

GILDAS, olive, anchovy, Basque chile 5.00
croquetaS de jamón 5.00

croquetas de jamón, olive, anchovy, Basque chile 8.00

MOORISH SPICED PORK RIBS, olive oil, Basque chilies 10.00

marcona almonds, 4.00

warm Marinated olives, 5.00

Pan con tomate, ciabatta, garlic, tomato, olive oil 6.00

with marinated white anchovies +4.00

with jamón Serrano +5.00

with jamón Mangalica +6.00

with jamón Ibérico de Bellota +9.00

SHIsHITO peppers, fried shishito peppers, olive oil, salt 9.00

chorizo picante Y manchego, cured chorizo and 12 month manchego 5.00

TRÍO DE JAMón 21.50

Fermin Jamon Serrano, aged 2 years

Mangalica, aged 3 years

Cinco Jotas Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, acorn fed, aged 4 years


tools required

sopa de ajo, warm garlic-tomato soup, puffed rice, egg yolk*, market pickles 10.00

frisée salad, frisée, Leonora goat cheese, honey, za’taar 11.00

gildas, olives, anchovy, Basque chile 3.00

boquerones, Spanish anchovies, orange, yuzu, olive oil 5.00

chicken liver mousse, vinho verde gelée, piparras, umami crisps 10.00

fermented carrots, olive oil labneh, almonds, olives, mint 12.00

morcilla & Chistorra, curtido, caraway aioli 12.00

PATATAS BRAVAS, Yukon Gold potatoes, jamón salsa brava, aioli, sunflower seeds 8.00
with octopus +5.00

cedar plank mushrooms, black garlic espuma, dill 9.00

quesos, each cheese served with toasted Marcona almonds, membrillo

Tetilla, Galicia, cow, buttery 5.00

Leonora, Spanish, goat, tangy 5.00

Marquese Castillo, Spanish, sheep, nutty 5.00

Manchego, Spanish, sheep, nutty, tangy 5.00

pescado conservado, tinned fish and potato chips

Spiced Small Sardines, Jose Gourmet, Portugal 22.00

Yellowfin Tuna, Flott, Italy 22.00

Mussels in Escabeche, La Brújula, Spain 22.00

Squid in Its Ink, La Brújula, Spain 22.00

Anchovies in Olive Oil, Agostino Reca, Italy 16.00

Small Mackerel in Olive Oil, Jose Gourmet, Portugal 22.00



MANCHEGO AND CHORIZO SCONE, whipped butter 5.00

CIABATTA membrillo butter 6.00

CALASPARRA RICE PORRIDGE, manchego porridge, chorizo, pimenton oil, 63 degree egg* 10.00

cojonudo, ciabatta, nduja, piquillo, aioli, fried egg*, mixed greens 12.50

PATATAS BRAVAS HASH, Kennebec potatoes, salsa brava, aioli, 63 degree egg*, dill 12.50

garlic shrimp and eggs, soft scramble*, crème fraîche, pickled garlic, mixed greens 14.50

torrejas, a Spanish French toast. Wine-soaked papo seco, honey glaze, sherry gastrique, olive oil powder, membrillo crème fraîche 13.00

TORTILLA ESPAÑOLA, egg and potato Spanish tortilla, piquillo aioli, tomato confit 8.00

curtido eggs*, 7 minute eggs, curtido, aioli   3.00

JAMÓNBURGUESA jamón cheeseburger*, mahon, piparras chilies, smoked aioli, sesame bun, mixed greens 12.50

JAMÓN SERRANO CROISSANT two year jamón Serrano, mahon cheese, tomato, mixed greens 12.50

the feast, the chefs choose an assortment of our favorite tapas 20.00


MEXICALI, Patron Select Barrel Extra Añejo tequila, Fresno-infused Campari, Gracias a Dios Espadin mezcal, grapefruit, lime 14

BERRY NICE, Bulldog London Dry gin, blackberries, raspberries, Llanllyr Source tonic 13

FLOWER POWER, Barr Hill gin, edible flowers, orange flower water, Q Elderflower tonic 14

ONCE IN A MELON, Leopold's Summer gin, watermelon, basil, Fever-Tree Light tonic 14

The Family Jones gin, cucumber and dill infusion, salted cucumber, Fever-Tree Aromatic tonic 13

THE ORANGE GROVE, Leopold's Small Batch gin, orange, Fever-Tree Indian tonic 13

SHERRY COLLINS, Aurora Manzanilla sherry, Malfy Originale gin, lemon juice 11

HANNIBAL NECTAR, The Family Jones gin, Aperol, St. Germain, Licor 43, grapefruit, lemon 12

MIMOSA, Spanish cava, orange juice 8.50

SANGRIA, traditional blend of wine, orange liqueur, brandy, citrus glass 10/pitcher 36

BLOODY MARY, house made with our piri piri and harissa spice blends. Choice of gin, vodka, sherry 10