Fried Cheddar Curds, green hot sauce, ranch 8.00 /V/

Apple Cabbage Caraway Slaw 4.00

Chinese Broccoli Salad, crying tiger sauce, peanuts, herbs 5.00 /K/P/GF

Beer Snacks, elote chicharrones, vegetables escabeche, marinated beans, hot sauce 8.00 /GF/

Fresh-Cut Fries, bacon aioli 4.00 /GF/DF/


Kohlrabi Salad, cucumber, apple, kohlrabi, burnt guajillo chimichurri, marinated goat cheese, pepitas 10.00 /V/GF/

Baby Lettuce Salad, red oak, Little Gem, avocado purée, radish, turnip, cucumber, seeds 12.00 /V/DF/K/

BBQ Brussels Sprouts, sabishata, herbs, BBQ spice, sesame purée 10.00 /V/DF/GF/

Chips and Dip*, lemon goat cheese, oolong smoked rare duck breast, duck confit,
fresh-cut potato chips, dill 12.00 /GF/

Bruléed Center Cut Beef Marrow Bone, red pear mole, sesame seed magic seasoning, white corn tortilla chips 14.00 per bone /GF/


Boomer Poutine, fries, cheddar curds, Jarlsberg cheese, mushroom gravy, sautéed oyster mushrooms and onions, lemon parsley bread crumbs 8.00/16.00 /V/GF/

Duck Poutine, fries, duck confit, cheddar curds, black pepper duck gravy 8.00/16.00



Crispy Chicken Sando, crispy chicken thigh, Martin's sesame bun, celery mayo, iceberg lettuce, bbq spice, too many pickles 12.00

Hamachi Collar, dill pickles, Alabama BBQ sauce, miso grits 24.00 /P/

Brat Burger, house made pretzel bun, slaw, 10,000 island dressing, Jarlsberg cheese 14.00

Hanger Steak*, Chinese broccoli salad, crying tiger sauce, fermented cayenne peppers, peanuts, herbs 24.00 /GF/K/

French Kiss, braised beef tongue, horseradish, pickled onion, aioli, three milk cheddar, hoagie, au jus 16.00


[Hand-Cranked Sausages]

ground, seasoned and cased in-house with love

Smoked Beef Short Rib Kielbasa yellow mustard 6.00 /K/GF/

Boudin Blanc, caraway, garlic, allspice, cayenne, apple brown mustard 6.00 /K/GF/

Lamb Merguez, Tunisian spices, harissa, whole grain Bordeaux mustard 6.00 /K/GF/

Pork Cheddarwurst, cheddar curds, beer, onions, habanero mustard 6.00 /K/

Sausage Combo, one each of the above
four with all four mustards 22.00 /K/

Make it a Sausage Party, add our house made Pickled Sampler and two pretzel buns +8.00



All pickles /GF/V/DF/K/OMG/

Bread and Butter Pickles 3.00

Dill Pickles 3.00

Shishito Giardiniera, Carmona olives 3.00

Pickled Sampler, 9.00 all of the above



hand-ground, house-cured

Euclid Yellow

Whole Grain Bordeaux


Apple Brown



"Banana Split" Baked Alaska, chocolate hunk cookie, banana ice cream, toasted meringue, cherries, cherry consommé 8.00

Blackberry Fool, blackberry jam, vanilla whipped yogurt, Belgian waffle, herbs 8.00

S'Mores Pot de Crème, house made graham crackers and marshmallows 8.00

Items are presented or can be ordered:

/V/ vegetarian
/GF/ gluten free
/DF/ dairy free
/K/ keto friendly
/P/ pescatarian

*These items may be raw or under-cooked. Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

[Chef Team]

Henry Schiebel, Colin Staehle-Lantelme

Pastry Chef, Eric Dale